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10 Promising new Fiverr Gigs for Advertising!

10-promising-new-gigs-title  Have you searched through Fiverr with a fine tooth comb for micro jobs that will assist you in your advertising endeavors?  Already purchased ever yone that you were interested in? Well here are a few that popped up over the summer that we think are worth a look.

“I will create a comedic 30 sec jingle for $5”

1. Get your gig listed on the front page of fivr.co and get your Fiverr related URL shortened .  We always love gigs that will advertise for you on a quality website! Link

2. Custom Limerick! Written for you with an illustration to go with it. Having trouble thinking of some catchy ad dialogue, or lyrics for your jingle? Here is your solution! Link

3. Creative Message! This is one I haven’t seen before. To keep up in the market you have to come out with original material, this is a bright, fun new way to get your message across. Link

Custom Message
“..my little friends.”


4. Create a streetfighter type computer game with you in it. This is a great one for all of you who run a game sites! Also a great way to advertise, just stick your link in the game, and upload the game to 1000’s of gaming portals. A great way to get Panda Safe traffic! Link

5. Custom Windows Application Submission Form. Want users to be able to sign up for your newsletter from a Windows application? This is great for advertisers using mediums such as CD ROM or Flash Drives. Link

6. Custom Android App – Every business should have one

7. Really cool Video effect – Lava

8. WordPress Security – Keep out hackers

9. Model for your product – Female model

10. 30 second jingle – Great for a Youtube vid, or TV spot