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FiverrViral Featured Seller: Lildiva – Small Business Advertising Specialist

lildiva fiverr seller

If you are a small business owner then the facts are simple: you need to focus on what you do best, your business! Lildiva is a Level 2 Fiverr seller who has been on Fiverr for 3+ years now, you can be confident that your small business marketing is in the hands of a professional that has experience in all aspects of marketing!

Lildiva specializes in promoting your online businesses via social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and others, including but not limited to Amazon and Etsy sellers and even Fiverr Sellers!

10 of the Most Unique Fiverr Gigs in 2015

10 Unique Gigs title image
10 unique Fiverr Gigs that you probably never thought of searching for

Sometimes advertising can be tricky. It seems like someone has already thought of just about everything. Here is a list of unique Fiverr gig ideas to aid you in your endeavors whether they be in business or just life in general!

  1. Make two cows dance in front of your logo

    fiverr cows

  2. Make a font from your handwriting
  3. Tell you the purpose and how you can succeed in life
  4. Have a curse? Get that taken care of.
  5. Make a bunch of Indian children scream out letters and act crazy.
  6. Morgan Freeman – Gandalf and other voice covers
  7. Write a message with alphabet noodles!
  8. Make you a bona fide zombie killing hero!
  9. Write your name or message on a clapper board.
  10. Make a 3D cartoon character

Fiverr Hack – Get a Phone Call When You Sell a Gig!

After hearing email alert after email alert, some of us just tune out the noise. Unless you have a dedicated email address for Fiverr (which is not a bad idea) it can be difficult to tell when you are getting that message from Fiverr telling you that you need to get to work! Getting an early start on your gig can be especially important if you offer an “Extra Fast” option. How would you like it if you had a personal assistant who would call your phone and tell you when you have a new order? A new popular website called IFTTT makes it possible. IFTTT stands for “If That Then This”, which essentially turns your favorite sites into groups of functions that can be triggered with “if” statements! Among the sites that currently compatible with IFTTT is of course Fiverr.com. So are you ready to set up your own personal Fiverr assistant? First, sign up with IFTTT.com, then just click the “Use” button in the widget we created for you below:

IFTTT Recipe: Call me if someone orders a gig connects fiverr to phone-call

If you haven’t already, IFTTT will ask you for your Fiverr information and your Phone information. This info is obviously necessary for IFTTT to make the proper connections. Make sure you click the heart icon to favorite the “Recipe” so others can find it!

Now you have another powerful tool at your hands that gives you an edge over the competition!

10 Promising new Fiverr Gigs for Advertising!

10-promising-new-gigs-title  Have you searched through Fiverr with a fine tooth comb for micro jobs that will assist you in your advertising endeavors?  Already purchased ever yone that you were interested in? Well here are a few that popped up over the summer that we think are worth a look.

“I will create a comedic 30 sec jingle for $5”

1. Get your gig listed on the front page of fivr.co and get your Fiverr related URL shortened .  We always love gigs that will advertise for you on a quality website! Link

2. Custom Limerick! Written for you with an illustration to go with it. Having trouble thinking of some catchy ad dialogue, or lyrics for your jingle? Here is your solution! Link

3. Creative Message! This is one I haven’t seen before. To keep up in the market you have to come out with original material, this is a bright, fun new way to get your message across. Link

Custom Message
“..my little friends.”


4. Create a streetfighter type computer game with you in it. This is a great one for all of you who run a game sites! Also a great way to advertise, just stick your link in the game, and upload the game to 1000’s of gaming portals. A great way to get Panda Safe traffic! Link

5. Custom Windows Application Submission Form. Want users to be able to sign up for your newsletter from a Windows application? This is great for advertisers using mediums such as CD ROM or Flash Drives. Link

6. Custom Android App – Every business should have one

7. Really cool Video effect – Lava

8. WordPress Security – Keep out hackers

9. Model for your product – Female model

10. 30 second jingle – Great for a Youtube vid, or TV spot

FiverrViral.com is BACK BABY!!! Fiverr’s best gigs!

FiverrViral.comFiverrViral has taken a short hiatus but is now back with new owners and ready to be better than ever. Interested in buying a gig on Fiverr.com? This is definitely the site for you! Here at FiverrViral, we write articles about Fiverr’s best sellers. Never be afraid of purchasing a rip-off gig again, we are here to sort all of that out! Interested in selling a gig on Fiverr? Then you’ve come to the right place, because not only do we feature the best sellers on Fiverr.com (could be you) but we also cover popular tools and resources for fiverr.com sellers!