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10 Fiverr Gigs to Help your Business Succeed in 2017

10 Fiverr Gigs to Help your Business Succeed in 2017

We’ve tested out a lot of gigs in 2016, and some of course were better than others. Here’s a list of 10 fantastic recommendations from the editor!


Designing an app for your business? One thing you will need is a good looking set of customized app icons for Android, iOS and the other platforms you plan on targeting.

I will create Two cool looking app icons


We’ve been a fan of Lildiva here at Fiverr for years! If you are looking for advertising via social networking, this is one of the very few you’ll find on Fiverr that is actually legit, no bots, no spam.

I will manually Post or SHARE your post in 20 Groups


Working on a video game, or something entertainment related? Have it Tweeted to hundreds of targeted viewers!

I will tweet your indie game to targeted audience


Is your business related to children? Have a custom children’s story written for you!

I will write a customized story for kids


Utilize a talented voice actor for that professional touch on your video or audio publication!

I will record the BEST young adult male english voiceover

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10 of the Most Unique Fiverr Gigs in 2015

10 Unique Gigs title image
10 unique Fiverr Gigs that you probably never thought of searching for

Sometimes advertising can be tricky. It seems like someone has already thought of just about everything. Here is a list of unique Fiverr gig ideas to aid you in your endeavors whether they be in business or just life in general!

  1. Make two cows dance in front of your logo

    fiverr cows

  2. Make a font from your handwriting
  3. Tell you the purpose and how you can succeed in life
  4. Have a curse? Get that taken care of.
  5. Make a bunch of Indian children scream out letters and act crazy.
  6. Morgan Freeman – Gandalf and other voice covers
  7. Write a message with alphabet noodles!
  8. Make you a bona fide zombie killing hero!
  9. Write your name or message on a clapper board.
  10. Make a 3D cartoon character