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5 Ways to Make Extra Cash During a Fiverr Slump

Most of us Fiverr sellers have experienced it. Either a change in our title or description, or just something out of our hands has caused our gig sales to drop. Here are a few surefire ways to make ends meet while waiting for your gigs to pick back up.

1. SwagBucks

SwagBucks Rewards
A small glimpse of the rewards SwagBucks has available.

Swagbucks is probably the best and easiest way to make some extra cash, or Amazon gift cards at a discount! Simply sign up and use SwagBucks to do all of you searches from now on. The great thing is that SwagBucks combines results from multiple popular search engines to bring you accurate results.

Another reason to join SwagBucks is if you already use our number two way to make extra cash because Bing Rewards has an option to cash out your points for SwagBucks (which can then be turned into almost anything they make a gift card for)!

2. Bing Rewards

Prefer to use Bing as your search engine instead of SwagBucks? That will work fine. In fact you can sign up for both Bing and SwagBucks and use Bing as your main search engine. When you get enough Bing Rewards points, you can cash out for SwagBucks! These SwagBucks can then be used for anything, including Paypal cash, or Visa gift cards to pay your bills with!

3. GSN Casino

The “casino” that it’s free to play in! You can log in daily and win free tokens. Use your tokens to play games. Complete daily goals (for ex. 50 spins of Deal or No Deal) and receive “Oodles”. You can then use these Oodles to enter sweepstakes, bid on super cool items, or cash in for a coupon (usually big discounts) or a magazine subscription. Every hour a game called “Chachingo Bingo” can be played, with a chance to win a cash prize! I’ve seen some go upwards of $10,000. Some of you may be wondering the validity of these sites, sounds too good to be true right? This site is ran by the Game Show Network cable television station, and they are responsible for handing out many many prizes over the years. And none of these sites ask for any sort of payment information to join.

4. WorldWinners

A GSN Casino affiliate site. This one is similar to the GSN Casino, but instead of tokens you use REAL money! Totally legal in the USA because it is more of a game of skill than chance. Every game you play gives you Rewards Points. These points can be spent on a variety of gift cards, or more World Winner money. You can cash out your money to PayPal at any time. I’ve tried it, and it works!

Similar to SwagBucks and Bing Rewards, The GSN Casino and World Winners often have cross-site promotions. For example, you may win Rewards Points for World Winners from GSN Casino for free, and turn that into an Amazon gift card. Also, check Swagbucks, usually there is an offer somewhere on the SwagBucks website that gives you a bunch of SwagBucks for spending $10 at GSN and/or WorldWinners.

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