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Now at a new desperate low, Fiverr is stealing to survive

“I assumed it was safe in my account since it was ready to cash out, but then they just took it!”

At a new desperate low with falling margins, Fiverr has resorted to a new change in policy where funds can be removed from your account without any violations! Just for being there! DO NOT LEAVE FUNDS IN YOUR FIVERR ACCOUNT!!!!

” I have recently completed a project with a five-star review. The Same client gave me the 2nd project on which we agreed for the mutual cancellation for some reasons. After that, he submitted the complaint to the Fiverr and they returned him the money from my previous project(1st project).For no reason, that project was completed my funds were cleared then I don’t know why Fiverr deducted that funds “

” every third gig [is] using stolen designs and some of those people are even level 2 sellers! “

There is more and more of this going on over the last couple of years, but now in 2019, Fiverr is no more than a spam site ran by scam artists much like the old Fiverr knockoffs that used to popup like weeds! What is the best solution? A couple alternatives that are less likely to steal your account funds are and If you have tangible items,,

Fiverr’s New Level System Fails Miserably


Perhaps the biggest blunder of the micro job giants this year was made by our beloved Fiverr. The new system which has top sellers losing work and scam artists gaining in the rankings is all but a surefire way to slowly commit suicide for the 8 year old micro-job beast.

The new system has users that have been long and trusted sellers losing their coveted status as high level Fiverr sellers, and new and upcoming (many times scam artists) quickly becoming top level sellers. This makes it nearly impossible for buyers to tell who is and isn’t a trusted seller.

On top of this Fiverr has also started a paid service to give some sellers higher rankings. These sellers are generally no better than the old level 2 and top rated sellers, the biggest difference being that their fees are 10 times higher! So not only has the new system dogged sellers, but buyers are feeling the burn too. Once a site where buyers could get a decent service for $5, has become a mockery, with some prices soaring to around $1000 per service.

This is the largest FAIL Fiverr has made since it’s launch in 2010. Perhaps as a group we can have our voice heard! If you are one of the millions negatively impacted by Fiverr’s new system, please voice your concerns to them directly!

In the meantime you can find me and many others over at or

FiverrViral Featured Seller: Lildiva – Small Business Advertising Specialist

lildiva fiverr seller

If you are a small business owner then the facts are simple: you need to focus on what you do best, your business! Lildiva is a Level 2 Fiverr seller who has been on Fiverr for 3+ years now, you can be confident that your small business marketing is in the hands of a professional that has experience in all aspects of marketing!

Lildiva specializes in promoting your online businesses via social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and others, including but not limited to Amazon and Etsy sellers and even Fiverr Sellers!

New Advanced Fiverr Features in 2016

Fiverr Updates for 2016

Every year, websites and apps typically make some changes to improve their services and aesthetic appeal. Many websites have implemented their changes by January 1, 2016, while others are rolling out changes throughout the first quarter. Fiverr has implemented some changes and are putting others through testing phases and slowly rolling many of them out throughout the month of February. Here are a few upgrades you can look forward to in 2016.

Filter Sort Tool

When it comes to navigating the numerous results any one Fiverr search can generate, Fiverr has decided to come into the 21st century and offer a sort feature. Now, once your search results appear, you can choose to sort by relevance, average customer reviews, or newest additions. While it may seem negative to the seller to allow this type of filter, it actually is beneficial to both parties. Or instance, those who want to give new sellers an opportunity to make a sale and boost their ratings will choose to look for the newest posters first. And those who are truly most concerned with quality over quantity will look for sellers with the best reviews. And of course, some people are looking for something a bit more specific and would need the most relevant option quickly. No matter how you want to search or the type of seller you wish to use, this feature helps make searching convenient and efficient.

Fiverr 2016 New Features


One feature to help the process of creating gigs go more smoothly is the addition of tabs. Now, when you create your gig, you can first give an overview, save it, and then move over to pricing, save that, and move to requirements and finally gallery. This helps a seller compartmentalize what is needed and make for a much easier creation process.


Also, to improve the ease of creating a gig, Fiverr is now offering sellers the ability to create a checklist regarding languages and requirements. This will help make it easier for the buyers as well since it has streamlined the process to allow for more uniformity. This is meant to reduce the constant back and forth between seller and buyer once the gig is purchased and in the purchasing decision process.

Length Calculator

This is one of those slow rollout features. As of February 1, 2016, it was only available in the Voice Overs and Proofreading and Editing categories. This feature allows the seller to enter the base word count in the gig and the buyer then enters the total number of words needed. A total based on the base amount and total amount of words is calculated, decreasing the need to order multiple gigs when needing more than the basic word length offered in the original gig. It also allows for clear and concise calculation that is understood by both the buyer and seller.

Gig Packaging

Another limited rollout, gig packaging is designed to streamline your gigs while increasing revenue. Gigs can be tiers as a basic gig, a double gig, or a triple gig. Pricing is based on all that is included in the package and may be priced accordingly. Now, a basic tier 1 package may begin at $10 instead of $5, if the proper extras are added.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing will be replacing the Online Marketing Category. This allows for a broader definition, including things like apps and other digital media that may not be traditional online media or the traditional online marketing campaigns, while still including the traditional online marketing abilities. In addition to the change, this will be one of the new categories to offer gig packaging.

Sponsored Gigs

The final new feature for 2016 is the testing of sponsored gigs. Sponsored gigs are being tested by a select group of Fiverr users currently. The idea is to pay for promotion of your gig on Fiverr to help increase revenue. This has not been officially rolled out, however, if the testing is successful, it will be on a full rollout in the not so distant future.

Written by: Dmyerson