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FiverrViral Spotlight Seller: Ludaniel

This Summer’s FiverrViral spotlight seller is ‘Ludaniel

We took notice to Ludaniel a couple months ago when we purchased one of his gigs: The meaning of life. I mean who does not want this information right? What we received was an informative literary piece written by our seller Ludaniel himself. After reading this it was clear that anyone who takes it to heart will undoubtedly live a successful life! We also would like to note a few of the other popular gigs by Ludaniel:

Have you tried any of Ludaniels services? Leave some feedback of your experience in the comments!

10 of the Most Unique Fiverr Gigs in 2015

10 Unique Gigs title image
10 unique Fiverr Gigs that you probably never thought of searching for

Sometimes advertising can be tricky. It seems like someone has already thought of just about everything. Here is a list of unique Fiverr gig ideas to aid you in your endeavors whether they be in business or just life in general!

  1. Make two cows dance in front of your logo

    fiverr cows

  2. Make a font from your handwriting
  3. Tell you the purpose and how you can succeed in life
  4. Have a curse? Get that taken care of.
  5. Make a bunch of Indian children scream out letters and act crazy.
  6. Morgan Freeman – Gandalf and other voice covers
  7. Write a message with alphabet noodles!
  8. Make you a bona fide zombie killing hero!
  9. Write your name or message on a clapper board.
  10. Make a 3D cartoon character

Fiverr Hack – Receive a Phone Call When Your Gig is Delivered



Use the IFFFT recipe below to receive a phone call when your gig is ready. This is a great hack for buyers who need their work ready ASAP. There is not a stronger alert than receiving a phone call where an automated voice will tell you which gig exactly has been delivered!

IFTTT Recipe: FiverrViral - if gig delivered, then phonecall connects fiverr to phone-call

With most phones you can even play a personalized ringtone when you receive your call!

Be careful with this one though, if you are ordering 10-20 gigs a week, getting a phone call every time could be cumbersome.

Fiverr Unleashes Many New Features Including the Repeat Buyers Icon

Some of you Fiverr veterans will notice that Fiverr has made many changes recently. Among these updates include a whole new design for the Inbox, ‘Custom Offer’ function and a ‘Label’ system. We’ll be discussing the 2 we deemed most helpful for sellers, the ‘Orders’ Tab and the ‘Repeat Buyers’ icon.

repeat buyers icon
New Fiverr features

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