Now at a new desperate low, Fiverr is stealing to survive

“I assumed it was safe in my account since it was ready to cash out, but then they just took it!”

At a new desperate low with falling margins, Fiverr has resorted to a new change in policy where funds can be removed from your account without any violations! Just for being there! DO NOT LEAVE FUNDS IN YOUR FIVERR ACCOUNT!!!!

” I have recently completed a project with a five-star review. The Same client gave me the 2nd project on which we agreed for the mutual cancellation for some reasons. After that, he submitted the complaint to the Fiverr and they returned him the money from my previous project(1st project).For no reason, that project was completed my funds were cleared then I don’t know why Fiverr deducted that funds “

” every third gig [is] using stolen designs and some of those people are even level 2 sellers! “

There is more and more of this going on over the last couple of years, but now in 2019, Fiverr is no more than a spam site ran by scam artists much like the old Fiverr knockoffs that used to popup like weeds! What is the best solution? A couple alternatives that are less likely to steal your account funds are and If you have tangible items,,

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