Fiverr happily revoking funds from Sellers!?

Fiverr is a scam

Fiverr has spiraled a long way from being a credible micro-job site to being a risky method to earn money for sellers. I remember a time when Fiverr was a credible market-place and customer support actually helped to resolve disputes fairly. It seems this is no longer the practice. Any dishonest buyer on Fiverr can now simply scam any seller and Fiverr will stand by them! How does this scam work??? Much more simple than you might think!

It hasn’t been long since Fiverr made some colossal mistakes in their ranking system, which rewards seller’s that sell in mass quantities rather than larger jobs performed at a slower rate with higher price tags. Now they are also simply agreeing with any buyer to cancel a gig after it has been delivered. This means you as a seller can lose out on potentially $10,000!!! (The maximum gig price). And many sellers have as of recent! It is no longer a safe place to do services that cost more than $5 and that’s a sad thing. I recently had a job canceled that had over $300 of overhead along with the labor! Meaning I am out that money, and the labor!!! That’s when I decided it was time to let you all know what is happening here!

So all is lost, I should pack up my bags and leave Fiverr? Not necessarily, if you have a product that is $5 or so, and/or a product that does not involve timely labor, then Fiverr can still be a good place to market it. A couple forced cancellations by Fiverr support are not going to ruin your life. However when you spend a month doing a $1000 job, and Fiverr simply cancels it because the scammer requests it, and/or there is overhead on the job (such as purchasing stock assets), Fiverr may be way too risky!

Some safer alternatives for larger jobs might be:

Good luck Sellers! And buyers as well! Tread lightly with the new Fiverr policies!