Fiverr’s New Level System Fails Miserably


Perhaps the biggest blunder of the micro job giants this year was made by our beloved Fiverr. The new system which has top sellers losing work and scam artists gaining in the rankings is all but a surefire way to slowly commit suicide for the 8 year old micro-job beast.

The new system has users that have been long and trusted sellers losing their coveted status as high level Fiverr sellers, and new and upcoming (many times scam artists) quickly becoming top level sellers. This makes it nearly impossible for buyers to tell who is and isn’t a trusted seller.

On top of this Fiverr has also started a paid service to give some sellers higher rankings. These sellers are generally no better than the old level 2 and top rated sellers, the biggest difference being that their fees are 10 times higher! So not only has the new system dogged sellers, but buyers are feeling the burn too. Once a site where buyers could get a decent service for $5, has become a mockery, with some prices soaring to around $1000 per service.

This is the largest FAIL Fiverr has made since it’s launch in 2010. Perhaps as a group we can have our voice heard! If you are one of the millions negatively impacted by Fiverr’s new system, please voice your concerns to them directly!

In the meantime you can find me and many others over at or