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Fiverr SEO Pro’s: Submit an Article to HuffPo!

In all, you may feel or have heard or read somewhere that with the changes that search engines have went through over the past decade, that article submission websites and marketing utilizing articles are no longer effective or useful. In fact, Google’s Hummingbird update, along with other major search engines, still do reward links gained from articles on the web especially if the site hosting this article has some authority. Submitting articles to these sites has many other benefits as well. The largest and most well known of these sites that hosts user submitted articles is the Huffington Post, It may seem unattainable to qualify for submission status on Huffington Post, but luckily there is a way. Fiverr seller KeithTucson of DkMedia offers a fantastic gig that can help you achieve just that! Along with the manual submission to HuffPo, the article is then also Tweeted from a “Blue Checkmark” account as a free bonus!

Article submission to HuffPo can help you to:

Showcase your products or expertise: Content that shares important information about your business or product can help you gain trust from future customers and strengthen your brand. By sharing knowledge and publishing to article directories such as HuffPo, you will start to be seen as a resource and a go-to person or company in your field.

Improve your web rank with relevant back links: Google wants to see backlinks to your website or page from current, relevant and highly trafficked websites. Directory sites fill the bill-and the links at the conclusion of each of your articles will draw more visitors, giving your site more credibility with search engines.

Boost organic search rankings fast: Other types of content marketing will help you in natural search, but a well placed article can make a large difference much quicker than simply publishing to your own website(s) and social media. Article submission tools and services are sometimes too easily recognized by Google and other search engines, manual submission to is the safer way to go.

Increase your website visits: The more reach you have online, the more often you have a possibility to appear in the search results. Once your audience reads your article, if it’s useful and interesting to them they’ll be motivated to click on the website link and visit your website directly from the article.

Convert traffic into sales: The traffic you get will be guaranteed to be targeted traffic with a genuine interest for your business or product. That is to say you won’t attract “random”, “untargeted” traffic, but people that are already enthusiastic about your industry, product or service and impressed by your experience, knowledge, expertise which led them to clock on your link. These are referred to as “hot leads”.

Receive lasting benefits from permanent backlinks: As long as your subject areas are relevant, your article will continue to be hosted on the highly trafficked article website and continue sending you valuable targeted traffic for the unforeseen future.

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