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Fiverr Unleashes Many New Features Including the Repeat Buyers Icon

Some of you Fiverr veterans will notice that Fiverr has made many changes recently. Among these updates include a whole new design for the Inbox, ‘Custom Offer’ function and a ‘Label’ system. We’ll be discussing the 2 we deemed most helpful for sellers, the ‘Orders’ Tab and the ‘Repeat Buyers’ icon.

repeat buyers icon
New Fiverr features

Here at FV we like to apply the K.I.S.S. principle. It works well with Fiverr, and Fiverr would be smart to acknowledge the fact. For this reason we are noting the “Repeat Buyers” icon as the best new update for Fiverr in this round of updates. Fiverr has made many strange, and sometimes unaccommodating  updates to the system. This one is simple and helpful! It simply put a “Repeat Buyers” icon (see image above) next to any messages from people who have purchased one or more of your gigs. This is wonderful for multiple reasons. First off, it is easier to communicate with your buyers. Many of us have found a message in the inbox regarding an active gig, that we found too late. Now you have a better chance at spotting those, because as soon as someone purchases your gig, all of their messages will now have a Repeat Buyers icon. The next reason might go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Repeat business can many times be the most profitable type of business. This icon helps to make sure you don’t overlook a proven buyer!

edit 4/3: I’ve noticed that the buyers only receive this icon once they leave a review, and mark the first order as complete. So you may have someone who has ordered 10 gigs from you, but until they leave a review for one, they will not receive this icon.

The ‘Orders’ tab, located in your Inbox, is a new, very helpful feature. This tab allows you to view all of your gig orders’ dialogue initiated through the gig interface rather than the messaging interface. This has been a confusing aspect of Fiverr for many buyers as well as Sellers for a very long time, and this Tab is one step closer to clearing up that confusion. There is a little wonkiness that probably won’t be worked out until the next update though. For instance, it tells me that I have a New message in the Orders tab, but there isn’t any… Typical for a Fiverr release, but let’s rejoice, the positive aspects of the new changes.

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