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Fiverr Hack – Instant Level One, Level Two Seller

There are four Seller Levels in the Fiverr system.

  1. Level 0 – AKA Member (cow symbol) – You do not have a level when you first sign up, or are a level 0 (zero).
  2. Level 1 – You must be a member for 30 days, and have 10 sales with positive ratings.
  3. Level 2 – 50 orders in 2 months
  4. Level 3 – AKA Top Rated – Must be hand selected from  the staff.

Leveling up provides the seller with multiple benefits. The obvious benefits of leveling up are reflected on each and every gig page as well as your user profile, and even the Fiverr forum. A shiny badge with your level status proudly displayed on everything you do on Fiverr. The official perks are as follows. When you are a level 0 seller, you are limited to selling things for $5. As you level up you can add “extras” to each gig  for $5-$100 extra, as well as an “extra fast” option which you can charge an extra $5-$100 for. A Level 1 seller can charge up to $20 for an extra, a Level 2 seller up to $40, and a Top Rated seller can charge a whopping $100 per extra! So now that you are aware of the benefits, how do you go about getting there?

The answer is a simple Fiverr Hack! This is more of  a strategy than a hack really, but it is sort of a loop-hole in the system.

Level 1 – There is no way to get past the 30 day minimum any faster than 30 days, so while you are waiting, make 10 sales, and on day 30, voila, you are instantly promoted to a  Level 1 seller. Want to get it done with 1 order? Sell a high valued service, such as a website for sale, or $40/hour phone support, etc… and in the description make a note that the first $5 only pays for a start on whatever service it may be, and after that they must repurchase gig to get the rest of the service you are offering. This can all be accomplished with clever wording in your description such as: “contact me for pricing on full service”, at which juncture you would inform them how many times to order your gig. I’ve made as many as 15 sales at once with this method.

Level 2- You just became a Level 1 Fiverr seller using the above method, and now you have a whole host of extras you can set up to earn up to $65 per gig! Do it right? Wrong! This is where we exploit our ‘loophole’.  Instead of having your customers order extras, have them order extra gigs instead! Now that $65 order that would have counted as one gig will count as 13! Avoid the temptation of adding extras and extra fast options and continue on with the method that got you to level 1. You need to sell 50 gigs in 2 months to become a Level 2 seller. This could be as little as $250, and with this method should only take you 3 or 4 orders to get there!

After you make it to Level 2 go ahead and go crazy on your extras! The only way to get to Level 3 (AKA Top Rated) is to be noticed by the staff, and your new $40 extras, and track record of hundreds of gig sales, and that shiny new level 2 badge on your profile might just be enough to catch their attention! Good Luck sellers!


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