How to Maintain a 5-star Rating on Fiverr

maintain a 5-star rating

This is a short article about how to maintain a five star rating on, as buyer and a seller.

Buyers. It is pretty simple to attain and maintain a 5-star rating as a buyer. After a transaction a seller can rate the buyer on “Overall experience” from 1 to 5 stars. Here is how to keep your sellers happy:

“If you use a seller often, Tip!”

  • Read the gig page completely before ordering. The seller is not going to be happy if you are requesting something that is not described in their gig description, and was not previously discussed.
  • Discuss the project before ordering. Especially if the seller requests this in the gig description.
  • Do not try and get free extras from the seller! Many buyers are notorious for shaking down their sellers to get more from them. Eventually this will catch up to you after a couple negative ratings from sellers.
  •  If you use a seller often, Tip! Tipping stands for “To Insure Promptness”. If your seller is  on time and has a tipping extra available, use it! This will almost guarantee a 5 star rating from your seller and maybe some extra effort next time you purchase.

Sellers. It can be pretty tricky keeping a 5.0 rating as a seller on fiverr. Everyone is bound to come across an impossible customer every once in a while. Just the other day I ended up spending 5 hours on a $25 gig (that I get $20 from) just to please an irrational customer. It was ridiculous, the customer expected way more than my gig covered, and after the whole ordeal they had the nerve to say “…you made it right”. I didn’t make it right, I made it better than right, but sometimes that’s what you have to do to keep that beautiful 5.0!

“Don’t sell CRAP!”

  • Do whatever is requested of you from the buyer even if that means spending a few hours on it that were not planned.
  • Run your Fiverr gig like you would run a business. Be courteous and remember the customer is always right (even when they are not!).
  • Over-deliver. This is  an easy way to make a happy buyer for certain gigs.  If you promised a 200 word article, write 250.
  • Get to know your customer. User your first name at the bottom of each message, and eventually your customer may start doing so as well. At that point, it is okay to refer to them by their first name. Establishing this kind of connection really makes it difficult for a seller to dog on you when the review time comes around.
  • Don’t sell CRAP! If you sell a product or service that you can be proud of and stand by, your risk of getting negative reviews will diminish dramatically. Also if you have a legit service or product with a substantial amount of positive reviews, the Fiverr team may assist you in removing an uncalled for negative review.

I hope these rough guidelines can help you maintain your 5 star Fiverr rating. If you have any methods that you use not mentioned above or any other ideas we’d like to hear about them in the comments below!

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