Fiverr Buyers from HELL!!!

Fiverr Buyers From HELL!!!

Fiverr Buyers from HELL!!!
Fiverr Buyers From HELL!!! A true tale of Fiverr horror.

There is one thing that every great seller fears, and unfortunately for a good reason, since BUYERS FROM HELL can be a common occurrence on Fiverr, Ebay and many other sites designed with the buyer in mind and not the seller. Unfortunately on Fiverr, at the time of writing this article, there is no way to protect yourself. You cannot block a buyer from purchasing your gigs! Even Ebay had the common sense to add this feature, but  Fiverr just sweeps this problem under the rug. Why would Fiverr skip this important feature? Most likely for profitability reasons, but even that doesn’t make sense when you think about it.

Let’s say that Fiverr assumes that giving sellers the ability to block buyers would cut down on their profits. I can understand that they do not want their buyers blocked from giving them money, BUT if a buyer is just malicious and intends on ripping the seller off and/or giving them an undeserved negative rating, the buyer is now going to get less sales, and in turn less revenue for Fiverr! The buyer may just pack up and leave altogether out of frustration (as I may very well do) and then how much revenue is being created for Fiverr’s pockets? Zero! I hope the Fiverr development team wakes up, and realizes the importance of a block feature.

I recently had a “buyer from hell” by the name of fragglesrock on Fiverr. Beware fragglesrock is a scam artist, one of many most likely and below I will explain the simple scam.

“I’m a big deal here on Fiverr in case you dint know”

Buyer has multiple clients. Client asks for service, and fragglesrock then sub-contracts to an unsuspecting Fiverr seller. Fiverr seller delivers, fragglesrock then submits work to client, gets paid. Now fragglesrock cancels gig and states that the service is unsatisfactory. If buyer does not agree to cancel, fragglesrock leaves negative feedback. Simple scam, banking fragglesrock thousands (this moron actually told me how much business they were doing through fiverr to “threaten” me). “I’m a big deal here on Fiverr in case you dint know”..” spent 450,000 dollars here in 6 months” is what they told me.  Basically saying “Fiverr will never side with you”. Not that I believed these figures. Who would have time to order 90k gigs in 6 months? That is 500 gigs a day…

Did I submit to this scam artist, and cancel the gig in order to avoid negative feedback? Well I may have it was just a $5 gig, but fragglesrock racked up over $100 in gigs from me, and I was not about to refund that much, not to mention all the extra work I was conned into doing for free.  It was more of a moral issue at this point. I wanted to make sure that I did not free up this $100+ for fragglesrock to go onto the next seller and repeat the scam, although I am sure they have got it covered.  So I denied the cancellation, and waited for feedback. Sure enough, 1 star feedback, (which may been avoidable with a block feature). I submitted a feedback removal form to the Fiverr staff, but it has been nearly one week and no response, negative feedback is still there. At this point I have very little options, but to  just truck on with my now 95% rating (they purchased multiple gigs and left multiple negative feedback) or cancel the account.

cartessmentors scam
cartessmentors was so happy with service, up until I wouldn’t give in to the scam…

*edited* I will post updates on this as events unfold, so check back.

edit: 2-3 days later I received a response from Fiverr asking me for more info. I sent the a link to the final product. A couple days after that they did indeed decide to remove negative feedback. They sent the following:

Thank you for getting back to us. After further review I was able to make an exception and remove negative feedback from this order.

Although it took some time, and might have cost me an order or two, Fiverr did remove the negative feedback and I am very pleased with the outcome at the moment.  This post might have seemed like half rant, but I honestly believe that there is something to be learned here. To summarize:

  • Don’t let buyers beat you up, and stress you out. Everyone knows that a happy worker is more productive.
  • Bend a little, but don’t do too much outside what was originally stated in your gig description. You could end up like me in this “give an inch take a mile” situation.
  • Even if a buyer thinks they have some spending “power” with Fiverr, Fiverr  may come to a conclusion in your favor if they find you did your part.
  • Give Fiverr customer support some time. I imagine there are people out there that attempt to abuse the system and they are busy reviewing many cases. It took about a week to resolve, but they do not give a time frame.

Thanks again Fiverr for being awesome!

edit: After a few days the feedback was removed, then to my surprise added again from the buyer! WHAT? So they will remove the feedback, but then the buyer receives a “todo” alert, and is asked to rate their experience. LOL, for real. What is the point of removing the feedback? Perhaps I am missing something, the buyer did raise the rating so maybe Fiverr asked them to resubmit more fair feedback? I’m not sure, if anyone know, please leave a link in the comments to some info on what happens from the buyers end after removed feedback. I might have to dig through the forums for the answer if you don’t 😉

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