Now at a new desperate low, Fiverr is stealing to survive

“I assumed it was safe in my account since it was ready to cash out, but then they just took it!”

At a new desperate low with falling margins, Fiverr has resorted to a new change in policy where funds can be removed from your account without any violations! Just for being there! DO NOT LEAVE FUNDS IN YOUR FIVERR ACCOUNT!!!!

” I have recently completed a project with a five-star review. The Same client gave me the 2nd project on which we agreed for the mutual cancellation for some reasons. After that, he submitted the complaint to the Fiverr and they returned him the money from my previous project(1st project).For no reason, that project was completed my funds were cleared then I don’t know why Fiverr deducted that funds “

” every third gig [is] using stolen designs and some of those people are even level 2 sellers! “

There is more and more of this going on over the last couple of years, but now in 2019, Fiverr is no more than a spam site ran by scam artists much like the old Fiverr knockoffs that used to popup like weeds! What is the best solution? A couple alternatives that are less likely to steal your account funds are and If you have tangible items,,

Fiverr happily revoking funds from Sellers!?

Fiverr is a scam

Fiverr has spiraled a long way from being a credible micro-job site to being a risky method to earn money for sellers. I remember a time when Fiverr was a credible market-place and customer support actually helped to resolve disputes fairly. It seems this is no longer the practice. Any dishonest buyer on Fiverr can now simply scam any seller and Fiverr will stand by them! How does this scam work??? Much more simple than you might think!

It hasn’t been long since Fiverr made some colossal mistakes in their ranking system, which rewards seller’s that sell in mass quantities rather than larger jobs performed at a slower rate with higher price tags. Now they are also simply agreeing with any buyer to cancel a gig after it has been delivered. This means you as a seller can lose out on potentially $10,000!!! (The maximum gig price). And many sellers have as of recent! It is no longer a safe place to do services that cost more than $5 and that’s a sad thing. I recently had a job canceled that had over $300 of overhead along with the labor! Meaning I am out that money, and the labor!!! That’s when I decided it was time to let you all know what is happening here!

So all is lost, I should pack up my bags and leave Fiverr? Not necessarily, if you have a product that is $5 or so, and/or a product that does not involve timely labor, then Fiverr can still be a good place to market it. A couple forced cancellations by Fiverr support are not going to ruin your life. However when you spend a month doing a $1000 job, and Fiverr simply cancels it because the scammer requests it, and/or there is overhead on the job (such as purchasing stock assets), Fiverr may be way too risky!

Some safer alternatives for larger jobs might be:

Good luck Sellers! And buyers as well! Tread lightly with the new Fiverr policies!

Fiverr’s New Level System Fails Miserably


Perhaps the biggest blunder of the micro job giants this year was made by our beloved Fiverr. The new system which has top sellers losing work and scam artists gaining in the rankings is all but a surefire way to slowly commit suicide for the 8 year old micro-job beast.

The new system has users that have been long and trusted sellers losing their coveted status as high level Fiverr sellers, and new and upcoming (many times scam artists) quickly becoming top level sellers. This makes it nearly impossible for buyers to tell who is and isn’t a trusted seller.

On top of this Fiverr has also started a paid service to give some sellers higher rankings. These sellers are generally no better than the old level 2 and top rated sellers, the biggest difference being that their fees are 10 times higher! So not only has the new system dogged sellers, but buyers are feeling the burn too. Once a site where buyers could get a decent service for $5, has become a mockery, with some prices soaring to around $1000 per service.

This is the largest FAIL Fiverr has made since it’s launch in 2010. Perhaps as a group we can have our voice heard! If you are one of the millions negatively impacted by Fiverr’s new system, please voice your concerns to them directly!

In the meantime you can find me and many others over at or

Fiverr SEO Pro’s: Submit an Article to HuffPo!

In all, you may feel or have heard or read somewhere that with the changes that search engines have went through over the past decade, that article submission websites and marketing utilizing articles are no longer effective or useful. In fact, Google’s Hummingbird update, along with other major search engines, still do reward links gained from articles on the web especially if the site hosting this article has some authority. Submitting articles to these sites has many other benefits as well. The largest and most well known of these sites that hosts user submitted articles is the Huffington Post, It may seem unattainable to qualify for submission status on Huffington Post, but luckily there is a way. Fiverr seller KeithTucson of DkMedia offers a fantastic gig that can help you achieve just that! Along with the manual submission to HuffPo, the article is then also Tweeted from a “Blue Checkmark” account as a free bonus!

Article submission to HuffPo can help you to:

Showcase your products or expertise: Content that shares important information about your business or product can help you gain trust from future customers and strengthen your brand. By sharing knowledge and publishing to article directories such as HuffPo, you will start to be seen as a resource and a go-to person or company in your field.

Improve your web rank with relevant back links: Google wants to see backlinks to your website or page from current, relevant and highly trafficked websites. Directory sites fill the bill-and the links at the conclusion of each of your articles will draw more visitors, giving your site more credibility with search engines.

Boost organic search rankings fast: Other types of content marketing will help you in natural search, but a well placed article can make a large difference much quicker than simply publishing to your own website(s) and social media. Article submission tools and services are sometimes too easily recognized by Google and other search engines, manual submission to is the safer way to go.

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10 Fiverr Gigs to Help your Business Succeed in 2017

10 Fiverr Gigs to Help your Business Succeed in 2017

We’ve tested out a lot of gigs in 2016, and some of course were better than others. Here’s a list of 10 fantastic recommendations from the editor!


Designing an app for your business? One thing you will need is a good looking set of customized app icons for Android, iOS and the other platforms you plan on targeting.

I will create Two cool looking app icons


We’ve been a fan of Lildiva here at Fiverr for years! If you are looking for advertising via social networking, this is one of the very few you’ll find on Fiverr that is actually legit, no bots, no spam.

I will manually Post or SHARE your post in 20 Groups


Working on a video game, or something entertainment related? Have it Tweeted to hundreds of targeted viewers!

I will tweet your indie game to targeted audience


Is your business related to children? Have a custom children’s story written for you!

I will write a customized story for kids


Utilize a talented voice actor for that professional touch on your video or audio publication!

I will record the BEST young adult male english voiceover

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